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Many  years ago. Somewhere around the year 2001, FBR Motorpsorts as a web site came into existence. In those early years, we simply offered a few paints and mainly raced together as a team using Nascar Racing  by then Papyrus. Those early car files were at best crude by todays standards, but the guys had fun with it. We actually raced together much earlier than 2001 to be honest. I would say  probably  going back to around 1998. I originally started a site on my AT&T  net work called Nascar Live!. In which tons of us met in a chat room and  headed to the old ten server for some rubbin racing. I actually met most of my online friends there. Names that come to mind? David Gibson, Ian Walton, Butch Davis of course. The late Grady Vines, my inspiration for many things we did. Dave ???? Can’t recall his last name. And  his wife. I hate that. Daves wife ran  so much for me. Great gal. They lived down in Louisiana I believe.

Anyway, when  Papy built N2K2 around 2002 we thought, well this aint bad. Then they came out with the last product, Nascar Racing 2003. And that was all we ever really needed.  Mods came out. Our staff grew at FBR. My wife began painting  cars, along with Butch Davis, Grady Vines, and a host of others. I only mention Grady and  Butch here because we were the core of FBR Motorsports. No us? No FBR! We began a racing league, hosted special events, argued with other leagues regularly, and simply had a great time doing it all. We were hacked many times and our site taken down by malcontents as per usual.

Finally, We thought Grady had been saved by a heart/lung  transplant, and all was well again. In 2014 suddenly without warning, we lost Grady. Earlier in 2010, we also lost The Flying Mullet (Neal Buso) in a motorcycle accident, and thats about the time things headed badly for FBR. Suddenly, one day, none of us were racing anymore. Neil Messer was done. Butch Davis was done. I was done. Ian was done. The FBR Motorpsorts Online Racing Team was officially defunct. My wife, then died in 2015. Another Huge blow to me. One I still havent  recovered from. And probably never will.

We all had ran into hard times and  there was no climbing out of that pit. But although we no longer paint  cars, I still have all those glorious old carfiles we all painted and sent out. Well most of em anyway. It will be slow in bringing tham all back online, bu we will get them back up. Now to be serious here, these will not stay up if no one shows any interest in them. This web site is coming out of my pocket alone. I won’t pay for a useless bunch of webpages. So grab em, play the game. I will add all the mods I still have as well. As well as the original patch which I still have.

Please be patient as I add these files back. I will add a story as I add them.

Thank You and Enjoy!


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